Monday, 13 November 2017

Understanding of Evolution

Evolution           Huntah           7\10\17

WALT: Plan and write a expansion an of your understanding of  Evolution

I believe that Evolution is real because apes turned into cavemen . They had bats and ripped clothes, we don’t, we have brand new clothes.We have real food they had to go hunt for there food so we are very lucky .

Firstly back in the days there were apes they adapted into cavemen over the years . They had wolden clubs instead of guns or weapons.For their games they had to probably chuck rocks at the wall or hit each other with their bats, don’t know .

Secondly Plants can’t grow without sun and water. .If they have sun they will grow but you will still have to have water because then they can’t grow. Water gives them juice like tomato that is how they get their juicy taste . Including trees they need both of those things for oranges or peaches and plums.They are so juicy and moist inside them YUM .

Finally I still believe in evolution because trees need to grow and apes into cavemen.That is a big change into our lives so imagine how long that was from apes to cavemen to what we look like now .We probably wonder sometimes what cavemen look like. Would we like to be a caveman or cavewoman?

In my opinion this is my understanding of Evolution and how it works from me . Yes it might be weird but this is my understanding.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Rona and the Moon

W.A.L.T make animation Rona and the moon Maui and the sun We
have being learning about making movies with outline people

Friday, 7 April 2017

Shape made face

We are learning to draw our face
we had to use shapes to create this face.
I found it difficult to put the shapes in  the right place . Next time I can look on the internet to see how other people do it .             

Friday, 31 March 2017

Experimenting frogs

i read a book called tidalik the greedy frog
he likes steeling other animals food
and drinks all the water from the billabong.

From Shiloh and Huntah Room 6